I have no claim on every photo posted, some have links on them, most none since i quickly am forgetful and care less, like any other, unless you want recognition please do tell. And it be obviously be my own if i got my face plastered on 'em or otherwise look shitty in a way.

a trashy line i extremely adore

(while holding a little bottle of Jack Daniels on the seat of a plane)

"Can you get me a real bottle?
I'm an alcoholic,
not a fucking Barbie doll"



Lupe is currently putting together his final solo album titled LupEND. As reported earlier, the album will be a three disc set. The three discs are individually called Everywhere, Nowhere and Down Here. The album is expected to hit stores in 2009.

Been reading random blogs, this was posted a couple of months ago, but i was hiding under Patrick's rock for a couple of months and there wasn't any web access down in Bikini Bottom, go figure! Haha! Aces for the news spread!
I'm so excited and I cant fucking wait 'til the day it comes out, everybody better cop that album soon as it gets out!
But what the fuck! Why is it "FINAL", he aint retiring or anything, but he's so good on his solo shit, so why stop there? We'll probably only hear him on remixes and shit.
ugh, I don't know! I'm thinking too much, I guess.

"he won't be giving up music for good - he'll continue producing and working with other people. Plus he's working on his own clothing line and publishing some books!"

So that's the word!
Haha, going all dramatic and pissed.

come walk in my shoes

So like a week ago, my mom was ready to switch to a new phone. Effin thing is she had no idea on how she'd move all her contacts. So being a nice daughter who needs some new shoes (don't have any job, so cant afford much, hee!) did and done the moving for her.

After 500+ effin contacts, manually encoded, since nobody knew what program to use. (Good thing, I was in the mood that night.)

Ended up buying these cute pair of brand new kicks, as payment.
I gots this yellow fever lately, never thought i'd be attracted to yellow.

Real good for the coming season.
Summer skin, waves, sun

Fingers almost numb and paralyzed.
So worth it.

it's a new daaaay

Don't you just feel like bopping your head and dancing along, feeling so free while singing that song? (that coincidentally rhymed, haha) Will.I.Am's - It's a new day. I don't know but since I heard that song, it sorta got stuck. And technically because its for reals!

Like, I don't know if us people here in the Philippines should be all excited about the dawn of a new president in the US, but for me, dude, I feel affected, cause we sorta should. Not much people around here are knowledgeable that, what's happening is history in the making. I'm not really that concerned with all that politics and sh*t. Yet still, this is something that represents CHANGE, haha! So Obama. A man of color sitting in the white house, it makes us see that anything could happen, hopefully! =)

Plus, over the weekend, my bestfriend R told me great news! She went for an ultrasound, and its official -- she's having a Boy! I wanted a girl, but hey, they wanted a boy and they got one. Haha, bitter me! Its sends shivers down my spine thinking about her having a baby. Good ones though! Already thinking of baby names, anything in mind that starts with J & R, something unique? Tell me!

Oh my boy K, also sent me news yesterday while I was at school! He's expecting a baby too! I honestly don't like the girl that much, maybe cause I haven't really met her or chilled with her, you know? But i'm like whatever right now, he did say he was happy! All my love to them!

I am sooo blabbering about other people's businesses! Haha!

Its only been about 3 weeks since the year started and a lot has been happening all around, change has really arrived, except with me though. hmm, when will something exciting come my way? Still, I'm feeling that this year would be soo damn good! Its a new daaaaay!

Good kharma, come my way!!!

bummin til school starts

Can these days get any worse?
Oh god, so for the past few days since my bro's bday (Jan.3), i been slumming it at home it front of the big screen. All day dressed up in my scruffy shirts and shorts, plus McDooodle's just a call away. I love my McChicken with Large fries and a Large Coke. If the holiday bash meals stuffed in my system couldn't get any worse, add some mighty fine Mcdooodle's fat with it. Then think "Super Size Me". Haha! Disgusting. Now this is the reason why i need to detox and get to working out again. I'm like hella short and hmm hmm-- fat -- well, chubbier than what I used to be again. Plus, my jeans seem to get so tighter than it usually is, skinny are suppose to be fit but not that tight.
I think school started like 2 days ago? And i just don't feel like coming to class yet, haha! I just think that the holiday vaca. was so short, don't you think? So i decided to extended it a lil bit and make the most out of it. But then slumming it at home wasn't in mind. I was suppose to be out with friends chilling plus burning my christmas money on new threads! Its just that every time, I get the balls to leave the house, I suddenly miss our couch and think of getting pizza and new movies. Then going out became such a nuisance and I end up staying at home. I was even supposed to go to a friend's debut a couple of days ago. But i got too lazy to dress up. Haha!
Anyway, for those out there, in the situation as i am now! Cheers to us! But please people, in a couple of days. Get your slouchy ass up and do something else! Its a brand new year!

Writing from my bed at 4 in the afternoon, smokes in hand and a glass of ice cold coffee.


Resolution BullCrap!!!

hahaha! So i guess, everybody's got to make a new year resolution! I have always been so against it but just for kicks I Really want to make something.

  • Forget about (You know who!)
  • Typical, exercise to death, extremely gained weight over the year.
  • Be good, like totally morally, and everything in between!
  • Ofcourse, shop more! We got to replenish the wardrobe! So getting old for my threads!
  • be friendlier? Like maybe? Cause last time I checked, I was hella nice, but it seems like people get further pushed back. Hmm, maybe it cause of the sudden mood swings i get at times.
  • Be more closed! (It's a personal choice!) Something bout those random relationships that keep occurring.
Well, i don't know if these sh*t are resolutions, but i know who I am, i and it would be so effin sudden if I start doing sh*t by the book or by text.

new year's at Makati

i so forgot to tell you about new year's at Makati, this year their gov. or mayor or somebody thought that it would be real nice if new year's was spent so grand. My mom did as well, since my step-dad's cousin lived like in a 3 block radius as the makati countdown, so it was hella close.. I could really say the fireworks was all at our faces! It was real cool to see all those glimmering lights! New year was a blast, but then like always, i'd rather have spent it at Baguio with all my lovey's. Haha! But then again I couldnt! though Makati was great, every corner we looked at was full of sparks here and there.

I'd still spend every moment with you, no matter how hard. No matter how fast, even if it would mean split second with you. You mean so much to me that i could trade a lot, but not everything for you, and i know you understand that!

Unconditionally for your love!

What up 2009?

Say goodbye to 2008! The hell with you!
Haha, nah, just kidding! Just acting like a b*tch!! Not to be so bitter about it, there were a lot of great blissful days, problem is a lot were f***ed up. It isn't the worst of the 18 years i already lived. But it sure is way up top.

Though it was fun, I met a lot of random people here and there, some stayed, a lot gone. I even almost thought i was in love -- twice! That's what i get for drinking a lot on days that i should be sober and trying to study. But big achievements, so far, i've been passing my classes this year (most of it).

F***ed up days were because of times that i didn't get to go back home to Baguio. I missed hella lot of events again this year, cause my paranoid mother was thinking to much again. But hey time lost was sort of made up, when i went home for the holidays. I was drunk since the day i got there until the day we left (that would be about a week and two days). I got to spend time with my bes Rachel, who is due in a couple of months! Wishing for a baby girl!! Also with my besz Calvin, who I extremely missed. Ofcourse, with Khat, Caloy, Moy, Diane, Duane, and the Bdown Boys..

Christmas Eve was tight! I got my new toy!
I just hope i'd learn how to work its kicks real fast. So I wouldn't look like some dumb dufus wasting a quality cam.

So like the hell with this, i'm tired..

Stop thinking bout those stupid resolutions, you end up not doing anyways!

Looking forward to a great 2009!!
Life's a party, smoke up, drink up, get f***ed up!

i love, love!

Now everybody watchin what I do
Come walk in my shoes
And see the way that I'm livin if you really want to
I got my mind on my money and I'm not goin nowhere
So keep on gettin yo paper(ah ah)
And keep on climbin
Look in the mirror
And keep on shinin
Til the game end
Til the clock stop
We gon' post up on the top spot
Livin' the life, the life

Live your Life