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bummin til school starts

Can these days get any worse?
Oh god, so for the past few days since my bro's bday (Jan.3), i been slumming it at home it front of the big screen. All day dressed up in my scruffy shirts and shorts, plus McDooodle's just a call away. I love my McChicken with Large fries and a Large Coke. If the holiday bash meals stuffed in my system couldn't get any worse, add some mighty fine Mcdooodle's fat with it. Then think "Super Size Me". Haha! Disgusting. Now this is the reason why i need to detox and get to working out again. I'm like hella short and hmm hmm-- fat -- well, chubbier than what I used to be again. Plus, my jeans seem to get so tighter than it usually is, skinny are suppose to be fit but not that tight.
I think school started like 2 days ago? And i just don't feel like coming to class yet, haha! I just think that the holiday vaca. was so short, don't you think? So i decided to extended it a lil bit and make the most out of it. But then slumming it at home wasn't in mind. I was suppose to be out with friends chilling plus burning my christmas money on new threads! Its just that every time, I get the balls to leave the house, I suddenly miss our couch and think of getting pizza and new movies. Then going out became such a nuisance and I end up staying at home. I was even supposed to go to a friend's debut a couple of days ago. But i got too lazy to dress up. Haha!
Anyway, for those out there, in the situation as i am now! Cheers to us! But please people, in a couple of days. Get your slouchy ass up and do something else! Its a brand new year!

Writing from my bed at 4 in the afternoon, smokes in hand and a glass of ice cold coffee.


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