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it's a new daaaay

Don't you just feel like bopping your head and dancing along, feeling so free while singing that song? (that coincidentally rhymed, haha) Will.I.Am's - It's a new day. I don't know but since I heard that song, it sorta got stuck. And technically because its for reals!

Like, I don't know if us people here in the Philippines should be all excited about the dawn of a new president in the US, but for me, dude, I feel affected, cause we sorta should. Not much people around here are knowledgeable that, what's happening is history in the making. I'm not really that concerned with all that politics and sh*t. Yet still, this is something that represents CHANGE, haha! So Obama. A man of color sitting in the white house, it makes us see that anything could happen, hopefully! =)

Plus, over the weekend, my bestfriend R told me great news! She went for an ultrasound, and its official -- she's having a Boy! I wanted a girl, but hey, they wanted a boy and they got one. Haha, bitter me! Its sends shivers down my spine thinking about her having a baby. Good ones though! Already thinking of baby names, anything in mind that starts with J & R, something unique? Tell me!

Oh my boy K, also sent me news yesterday while I was at school! He's expecting a baby too! I honestly don't like the girl that much, maybe cause I haven't really met her or chilled with her, you know? But i'm like whatever right now, he did say he was happy! All my love to them!

I am sooo blabbering about other people's businesses! Haha!

Its only been about 3 weeks since the year started and a lot has been happening all around, change has really arrived, except with me though. hmm, when will something exciting come my way? Still, I'm feeling that this year would be soo damn good! Its a new daaaaay!

Good kharma, come my way!!!

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