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Lupe is currently putting together his final solo album titled LupEND. As reported earlier, the album will be a three disc set. The three discs are individually called Everywhere, Nowhere and Down Here. The album is expected to hit stores in 2009.

Been reading random blogs, this was posted a couple of months ago, but i was hiding under Patrick's rock for a couple of months and there wasn't any web access down in Bikini Bottom, go figure! Haha! Aces for the news spread!
I'm so excited and I cant fucking wait 'til the day it comes out, everybody better cop that album soon as it gets out!
But what the fuck! Why is it "FINAL", he aint retiring or anything, but he's so good on his solo shit, so why stop there? We'll probably only hear him on remixes and shit.
ugh, I don't know! I'm thinking too much, I guess.

"he won't be giving up music for good - he'll continue producing and working with other people. Plus he's working on his own clothing line and publishing some books!"

So that's the word!
Haha, going all dramatic and pissed.


AngelliKay said...

I knoe what a shame
i like Lupe

Coco said...

i hope someone could change his mind!