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A Sprinkle of Ink on my Skin

Hmm, thinking of getting some new ink done..
Itching for that grinding needle on skin, the kind that makes you want to stop but gets so numbing and narcotically sweet..

I love random words or phrases in sexy thin script writing..
what to get.. hmm?

Some might think tattoed women are dirty/filthy but i just love it, i think its pretty and beautiful not sexy or hot (well, maybe just a little, hee!).


Hippo_Lee_toe said...

I agree ! I think tats are great..especially on the right people

J said...

I LOVE tattoos. I think they are sexy and a great way to express ourselves. :) Goodluck on deciding on what to get. I wanted to get a quote along my rib cage. Still debating whether I want it or not. :)

dress recess said...

i love well done tattoos. mmm!

Coco said...

@ J, its sure looks nice on that spot but i have one tat that goes on a lil bit on my ribs and it sure hurt like f*ck! (but maybe it was because of the hour long process) so be careful, i love how my tat turned out though.. haha, and im trying not to scare you..