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Swagga International!

Everbody is probably screaming "When the f*ck is that word gonna get out every bodies mouth?"
Haha, sick of it?

So I caught the Grammy's a couple of days ago, good that it aired out here in the Philippines. I aint really into it, just cause I got my own awards in my little head. Haha!
I got hooked though cause I been hearing that the big boys of the Rap Game will be performing.
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and my future Ex-husband pretty boy hustler T.I.

Shit was so EPIC! I loved it! The fact that M.I.A was said to be 9 months pregnant and still bouncing her crazy ass on that stage made everything even more insane. Baddest bitch ever! Haha! (Even if she was wearing that horridly cute polka dot thing)

Photos via NecolieBitchie

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