I have no claim on every photo posted, some have links on them, most none since i quickly am forgetful and care less, like any other, unless you want recognition please do tell. And it be obviously be my own if i got my face plastered on 'em or otherwise look shitty in a way.

running in circles, not knowing where life takes you

I'm like borderline confused as of to what i'm supposed to do right now.
  • Finals is coming up in a week or so, and tons of heavy projects and papers are due! And I don't know where I'm standing with that.
  • Signing up for next term's classes were done last week. And I didn't do that either.
  • Since I don't know if I am going to enroll next term, cause I'm going to Cali and I might be staying there for a couple of months. I don't know when I'm coming back!
  • Signing up for LOA in a few weeks.
  • Deciding whether to come back early because I wanna celebrate my 19th birthday in B.c. and also since my best friend R will be giving birth around that time too.
  • Deciding on whether I should miss one term, which means I'd be held back again and I sorta don't want that.
I'm just way confusing myself even more by writing it down.

wake up one morning and you realize your missing everything..


Where the hell did he get that leather jacket (dude on right)!
I sure do love it and want it. It's crazy, I've been searching for that perfect leather jacket since forever and this should be the one.

seen @ Jak&Jil

i always miss being home

shot around 5:40 am, moon still out, sun about to shine

hey, so I sort of just got back from B.C. (Baguio City), the place where I grew up and will always remain to be my home, my place of "sanity", my place where I could just kick it and not give about any damn thing in the world! Even if i been staying here in Manila for about 4 or 5 years already, it never felt like home to me.

Last time I was up there was around the holiday break, nothing's changed, I didn't get to see my best friends R & K though. Sad but at least I got to kick it with my boys M & P, who brought my drunk ass home. Which troubled them crazy, since i was dead drunk and they didn't know where I was staying, cause I was checked in a hotel that time. Good thing, someone picked up their phone after a milli calls! Haha, sorry for that, love ya M for taking care of me!Damn, I went through a whole month staying sober, and a night in B.c. got me back to bottom of bottle. Also because, coincidentally there was some event and they gave me tickets, so free drinks? Its go time, who doesn't love that!

Aw gawd, I miss b.c. already, hope I could go back soon. Ugh, school's getting in the way! =)
Its B-day season again, the next couple of months will be filled with birthdays of friends! I swear, its like every week its someone's day. Hope I could be there!
B.C. will always be home for me!


Check check, crazy cute paitings at Pea-be

How I wish I'm paid, so I could cop these

The BBC Gold Rucksack

shiny shiny gold + embossed diamonds= love it!

The Coraline Dunks

I wonder if they'd be showing this movie out here, been hearing a lot about it. And I wanna watch it badly!

Custom painted sneaks by Pea-be

where is my romeo?

Gawd! Been getting those fucked up days again, days when I feel bummed out and gloomy and just want to cuddle and be lovey-dovey. But hey, been single for a while now, and its somewhat bittersweet! Some days you feeling it, some days its just sad. I still haven't found THAT BOY. Which is so fucking annoying cause everytime some dude wants to sweep me of my feet and be with me, I'm like yeah alright, maybe next time. I've gone cold! Stuck in a sick vibe! Haha! Somethings wrong with me, I gotta fix it!


Fall or Fly pt. 2

Haha, almost forgot to post this!

N.E.R.D.'s Fly or die (who the hell does not love Skateboy P. right?)

Its something bout life, you know? Like we all have those good days and bad days, ups and downs, something like that. Those times when you have to make choices in life, something like, will I fall from it or will I fly with it. A yes or no thing. Especially, with my goals and dreams and the likes of it. Got it?

Not as I expected. Think about those times when you expect a lil too much and when its happening you realize, it aint that bad. Well, Its like that! I thought it would hurt 5x more that how it really felt, pinching hurts far more worst. But I don't know, maybe its was because it was just a quick sorta little piece or the fact that my arm was turning numb quick from that awkward positon I had to be in. Haha! But I swear, the pain was minimal. (For me it was.)

Result: Loved it to death! Oh, except I think the L and Y on fly are a lil far apart, huh?

Can't wait for my next piece!

R.i.P. Francis M.

Wow its crazy, sadly the father of Rap in the Philippines, Francis Magalona past away at 12pm today, he was just 44, cause he had some kind of leukemia.
I thought it was some kind of joke, but guess it was true.
R.i.P. your music and style will never be forgotten.
Love you, will surely miss you!

Here's one of his english tracks:

Guess who's back in the atmosphere, been M.i.A. in the blog scene for a while now. Shit aint that busy though, my days were all about school and then straight home, all cranky and shitty on the train rides to and fro. But I dont know, I just felt like leaving the cyberworld for a bit. It was sorta weird the first couple of days, since we all got used to checking e-mails and stuff online everyday, but then it just became normal. Like back in the days when I didnt own a laptop.
So now I'm updating myself with all the random blogs on my list.