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Fall or Fly pt. 2

Haha, almost forgot to post this!

N.E.R.D.'s Fly or die (who the hell does not love Skateboy P. right?)

Its something bout life, you know? Like we all have those good days and bad days, ups and downs, something like that. Those times when you have to make choices in life, something like, will I fall from it or will I fly with it. A yes or no thing. Especially, with my goals and dreams and the likes of it. Got it?

Not as I expected. Think about those times when you expect a lil too much and when its happening you realize, it aint that bad. Well, Its like that! I thought it would hurt 5x more that how it really felt, pinching hurts far more worst. But I don't know, maybe its was because it was just a quick sorta little piece or the fact that my arm was turning numb quick from that awkward positon I had to be in. Haha! But I swear, the pain was minimal. (For me it was.)

Result: Loved it to death! Oh, except I think the L and Y on fly are a lil far apart, huh?

Can't wait for my next piece!


londynkouture said...

that tat it hott Girl!!

J said...

Now I feel like an idiot for asking what language it's in. HA. For some reason in the previous picture it looked like arabic or something. Looks great. :)

Coco said...

haha, thats the thing bout lousy laptop cams.. its all fuzzy and shit.. =)