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i always miss being home

shot around 5:40 am, moon still out, sun about to shine

hey, so I sort of just got back from B.C. (Baguio City), the place where I grew up and will always remain to be my home, my place of "sanity", my place where I could just kick it and not give about any damn thing in the world! Even if i been staying here in Manila for about 4 or 5 years already, it never felt like home to me.

Last time I was up there was around the holiday break, nothing's changed, I didn't get to see my best friends R & K though. Sad but at least I got to kick it with my boys M & P, who brought my drunk ass home. Which troubled them crazy, since i was dead drunk and they didn't know where I was staying, cause I was checked in a hotel that time. Good thing, someone picked up their phone after a milli calls! Haha, sorry for that, love ya M for taking care of me!Damn, I went through a whole month staying sober, and a night in B.c. got me back to bottom of bottle. Also because, coincidentally there was some event and they gave me tickets, so free drinks? Its go time, who doesn't love that!

Aw gawd, I miss b.c. already, hope I could go back soon. Ugh, school's getting in the way! =)
Its B-day season again, the next couple of months will be filled with birthdays of friends! I swear, its like every week its someone's day. Hope I could be there!
B.C. will always be home for me!

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