I have no claim on every photo posted, some have links on them, most none since i quickly am forgetful and care less, like any other, unless you want recognition please do tell. And it be obviously be my own if i got my face plastered on 'em or otherwise look shitty in a way.

i'll be out here for the next 5 months!

Align CenterSo im here, living in Millbrae,California again. Arrived in SFO April 19th, i think. Jet lag still pretty much on. Excited to go around. But sad cause i don't really know anybody out here. So I guess i'll try to share my wanderings as much as i could. Internet's pretty down so it'll be slow posting, maybe in the next couple of days it'll be up.
Photo's from the beach trip aren't even up, so be patiently waiting.


bimbobeautiful said...

so jealous!

I am in Glasgow and it's raining!

Cute blog, have fun!!


Coco said...

haha, Thank you, cant stop looking at yours too..