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Little Island Honey

To all the greedy little fucks (jealous me, cause I'll be missing a lot of trips that everybody's been bugging about) here in the P.I. heading out to the beach this summer, here's a little sumthin' sumthin' to keep in mind:

Sunblock - Don't be that hot stupid mess that forgets to bring some and not use it. You gotta put some on every couple of hours, if your basking in the sun all day. You don't want to whine about how painful your body is in the end of the day, or worst in the latter maybe skin cancer.

Hydrate - Every where you go make sure you have a bottle of water. Juice, soda or beer isn't enough to keep your body well of. Drink tons and tons of h2o.

Gadgets off please - Avoid using them. Bring your camera for the memories and a cellphone for emergencies. But as much as possible nothing else. Its a vacation on the beach, live it out oldschool with nothing on you! You know, realease from the tension. Oh wait an Ipod's alright too, put a sick summer playlist you can chill to, but most places have their stereos blasting out some fresh beats anyways so leave it. Plus jack movers are on a prowl at these times.

No day-to-day/time-to-time plan - I don't know, for me it just gets me more intense if the days planned out, just let things roll, let things happen. If you feel like doing some water sports or a boat riding, do it at the time you feel like it and not have a time set for you. Chill: key word to the whole trip!

Explore - Try being that wanna-be local, searching for stuff or spots, just be real and don't act like fool. Don't be afraid to expand your horizons, just be careful though. You might even meet new friends. People discover wonders in places not normally seen or over-hyped.

Posse - Be with your fam, your friends, your boo, your peoples, whoever's good company and who you easily get along with. It could all go down with just a simple crasher and bust all the greatness of the trip.

Dress to impress, ofcourse! - You wanna look fresh and fly, even if the threads are minimal. They say swim wear are suppose to last about 6 months or something, the garter gets rough, it gets loose or shrinks and colors fade. But I guess its on a case to case basis if you dont really use them a lot but still go get some new ones chica. It pays to look Fabulous.

Get toned before the trip - Ofcourse you dont want a big belly hanging out for the whole world to see. Haha, like what happened to me last week, it was a sudden trip so I wasn't at all ready and I looked like I was a couple months pregnant.

Lastly chill!!!! Relax, kick back and enjoy the vibe of the island breeze.

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