I have no claim on every photo posted, some have links on them, most none since i quickly am forgetful and care less, like any other, unless you want recognition please do tell. And it be obviously be my own if i got my face plastered on 'em or otherwise look shitty in a way.

If you know me personally, you'd know i have this thing for Travie. His music, his looks.. So, Travis McCoy was in the P.I. He's been going around the world checking out places and teaching kids. He's part of the MTV Staying alive thing. So he was out in Manila checking out the slums and schools. I think its cool that his been taking time in his life to help people, you know. Unlike other people (us, me, you, them). =)
And he's been taking in some of our islands culture too.

Here's the new Coke feel good song with travie on it:

Janelle Monae, amazing as always.

P.s. Travie, I stalk your blogs! haha
Check it:
Travie's Blog
The Unbeaten Track - follow what he's been doing with the Staying Alive Foundation

in la la la la love wit you

I seen this around a couple of blogs i follow for sometime now, but i guess i didn't really bother on watching it til today. And I must say, it blown me away. Their really good.
Plus I like how the ukelele makes the joints real fresh.
Check out all their other videos too, its worth your time.

All i got is a muffin

Aye, jealous of Teyana's body..

..One hell of a night through the day

Make Her Say - Kid Cudi x Kanye West & Common

Fucking brilliant video! Sets it apart from all those moneys, blings, hoes and all sort of videos that you normally see with hip-hop. Fresh to death.
Love the part with the balloons on the rooftop, its like I wanna be in that place too. =)

Alice in Wonderland syndrome:

A syndrome of distorted space, time and body image. The patient with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome has a feeling that their entire body or parts of it have been altered in shape and size. The syndrome is usually associated with visual hallucinations.

Ash Stymest

Skinny as hell, Pretty Boy, Ink
lazy/droopy eyes, like he just woke up or something
and he's just 17.
You probably seen him in every other blog.

slicker than your average..

Up my dharma

So digital world, today's my Birthday!! (July 12) =)
(dont mind the timestamp, cause its in sync with the P.I.)

Happy Birfday to me! 
So i'm officially 19 right now. And I think I feel so old, i feel like its time to retire or something, haha. Nah, honestly, I find myself without purpose of any sort, you know? I seem to have not accomplished anything with real worth. Not to sound emotional or anything like that though. It just nice how people have done a lot by this time and i'm just chilling on the sidelines, watching the skies fly by. Wells, anywhooo, i think I should step my game up.

So nothing really special gonna happen, just dinner with the fam later tonight. I don't have a wishlist or anything. I love surprises and I somehow tend to not be materialistic on my birfday. But i did have a birfday goal though. It was to lose all the weight I gained so much from rubbish(not literally) eating and drinking. Wells, didn't happen! But I am still working on it though!


Took a dip in a pool filled with cotton candy..

..when i came out, my hair turned pink. (a lil bit)

Lip ink are the shiiz!

I know a couple of people who got their lips inked.
But this dude must be one hell of a person. To put RIOT on his lips.
What does it even mean?? (speaking like my 8yr. old nephew)

(forgot the source, if its yours, just lemme know)

If real grenades looked like these..

..i'd blow the hell out of everything. I'd be a fucking terrorist, throwing pink bombs that'll probably burst out glitters and sparkles, while shaking the shit out of everybody.  =)

But no worries, i'm too sweet to hurt anybody.

all grown and sexy..

Always had a thing for Shia Labeouf, even back when i was watching even stevens or holes, he was stupid, goofy and all but i thought it was hella cute. Haha! Plus, I like his voice, hell, I dont know why. And now he's all skilled and on top of it, so what's not to like, right?

I've watched Revenge of the Fallen twice in the movies already, I thought it was epic, all the shit that happened were hella BRUTAL than whatever was on the 1st one.