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If you know me personally, you'd know i have this thing for Travie. His music, his looks.. So, Travis McCoy was in the P.I. He's been going around the world checking out places and teaching kids. He's part of the MTV Staying alive thing. So he was out in Manila checking out the slums and schools. I think its cool that his been taking time in his life to help people, you know. Unlike other people (us, me, you, them). =)
And he's been taking in some of our islands culture too.

Here's the new Coke feel good song with travie on it:

Janelle Monae, amazing as always.

P.s. Travie, I stalk your blogs! haha
Check it:
Travie's Blog
The Unbeaten Track - follow what he's been doing with the Staying Alive Foundation

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Yuka said...

so nice what hes doing