I have no claim on every photo posted, some have links on them, most none since i quickly am forgetful and care less, like any other, unless you want recognition please do tell. And it be obviously be my own if i got my face plastered on 'em or otherwise look shitty in a way.

Up my dharma

So digital world, today's my Birthday!! (July 12) =)
(dont mind the timestamp, cause its in sync with the P.I.)

Happy Birfday to me! 
So i'm officially 19 right now. And I think I feel so old, i feel like its time to retire or something, haha. Nah, honestly, I find myself without purpose of any sort, you know? I seem to have not accomplished anything with real worth. Not to sound emotional or anything like that though. It just nice how people have done a lot by this time and i'm just chilling on the sidelines, watching the skies fly by. Wells, anywhooo, i think I should step my game up.

So nothing really special gonna happen, just dinner with the fam later tonight. I don't have a wishlist or anything. I love surprises and I somehow tend to not be materialistic on my birfday. But i did have a birfday goal though. It was to lose all the weight I gained so much from rubbish(not literally) eating and drinking. Wells, didn't happen! But I am still working on it though!


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