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East Coast

After a couple days of rest, we headed out to the other coast, again to visit family.
A little suburb time at St. Mary's Pennsylvania. Met a couple of cousins for the first time.
I loved our stay there, it made me look back at kidhood and growing up in B.C., running around, playing with dirt, and the sun never felt too hot.

Niagara Falls
Before we set off to Jersey, we went around Penn state, since they were going there. Its nice how Uni's are like little cities. I think its probably as big as B.C. or maybe even more.
(So I wiki'd it, and it said that B.C. is just 57.5 square kilometers)

I love "love trees".
At the Bridge, Beach Strip.
We didn't really do much at Jersey, did a lot of outlet shopping though, but that's about it.

Sadly, we didn't go to NY, well only for our flight back.
We didn't get to go around the city I want to fall in love with. We been there before, but that was back in '02, all I remember was seeing fences on Ground Zero and this one church somewhere out there. Oh and the Rockefeller.
Can't wait til I fall.


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