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On the way to L.a.

So the past couple weeks were hella crazy. Been traveling a lot. Long drives and early wake ups. It was all good though, I usually get cranky and pissy (still a lil kiddoe) when that happens. But as far as i know, I was only all jacked up when it got a bit too hot. Oh, also when mom keeps saying the same shit over and over again.

So we went to Hearst Castle, I don't really know who that guy was, but apparently his some big time mass-media dude and chilled with Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant and hollywood elite back in the 20's. Oh and i guess he wanted this huge castle on top of a hill.
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The Neptune Pool
If i had this kinda pool, i probably never leave home.

I loved the fact that every place was intricate and had a lot of depth. And everything was so random, he mixed up things way too much.

The same day, we past through Solvang. It was said to be an old Danish Community or something but I don't know, we didn't really see anything THAT special.

The next day, we headed off to L.a. but we stopped by the Santa Barbara Zoo. After, mom wanted to go see Neverland, even if all she would ever see was the gate. But i think people said it was a long way from there. So it didn't happen.

A bunch of Mumbles, i always get excited when i see penguins, its like the only creature thats worth the trip. =)
A pissing elephant! Just on time to see a show. Haha!

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